Submit Your Book For Review

Pitch me at – keep it short and sweet – if I agree to read your book I will provide you with a mailing address at that time.  Reading your book does not guarantee a review.  If I do not like a book I will not review it – too many great books out there to recommend to readers.  Just because I do not like a book doesn’t mean it isn’t great, it’s just not my cup of java and I do not believe in trashing books – writers work too hard to be treated that way – at least on my pages.  No need for attachments with your pitch – I will let you know what additional information I would like – press release, bio and Q&A sent along with your book will make my life that much more pleasant.  Please ensure that your book cover and your headshot are available online with photo credits as appropriate.

Reading Format:  I prefer books that I can hold in my hands – ebooks aren’t cuddly but if that is your only format please let me know in your email as exceptions are possible.

Genres: Easier to let you know the genres that I do not read as it is a much shorter list – so please don’t pitch me: religious fiction and nonfiction, comics, anime, pornography, humor (I love humor in writing but not a book based around a comics’ point of view or performance), science fiction, romance (no bodice ripping in my TBR pile) or horror – life is scary enough.

My preference is for literary fiction, memoir, historical and contemporary fiction, biography, fine arts, culture, society, travel essays, food and wine, short stories, essays.  Mysteries and psychological thrillers are okay but must be literary in nature.  Children’s and YA will also be considered if the premise and/or writing is superb.  Poetry Collections are welcome – I count many extraordinary poets among my friends – will do my best to do your work justice but find it challenging at times to do right by poetry when it comes to reviewing – any tips on how to do this better are greatly appreciated.

Review timeframe:   If you have an official release date I will want your ARC three (preferably four) months in advance to do my best to post my review during your launch period.  For finished books the wait time could be up to six months.  If you have a tie-in to a particular date or time of year do let me know – I come from a public relations and marketing background so I “get” it as long as you inform me.

Virtual Book Tours:  If you are participating in a a virtual book tour – and I agree to review your book – we can discuss a specific date, guest posting, interviews, giveaways, etc.

Cross-posting:  I cross-post my reviews on Goodreads,, Barnes &  If you would like me to post in additional places let me know and I will do my best.  If you would like to repost my review on your site or elsewhere please include link backs to my site, my byline and short bio which I will be happy to provide you with.

What happens to your book, ARC or ebook?  I donate books on a quarterly basis to various organizations if I haven’t added too much marginalia – otherwise I keep them in my “library,” a growing storage unit less than a mile from my home set up with bookshelves and alphabetized by author.  If demand persists I will photograph this amazing space and post it here. If there was a/c and a window I would move right in but for now I visit often and give tours to very special guests.

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