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Photo Credit: World Red Eye

Photo Credit: World Red Eye

Glancing Deep is a Penetrating yet Brief Dive into the Heart and Mind of Art World Influencers

I recently had a warm and witty chat with Tim Rodgers, Director, The Wolfsonian-FIU and he makes fighting the South Beach traffic and parking issues worth the trouble not to mention there’s always something great on exhibit. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss Promising Paradise: Cuban Allure, American Seduction on view through August 21, 2016.

Dindy: What’s the first artwork you had a personal connection with?
Tim: I made a “painting” of a whale out of colored aquarium gravel and yarn that impressed me immensely.

Dindy: Who or what are you following on social media?
Tim: Nobody — I am happy to finish reading The New York Times on Sunday!

Dindy: What quality is essential for success in the art world?
Tim: Perseverance!

Dindy: Have you ever stolen anything from a museum gift shop?
Tim: Do people do that?

Dindy: What is your favorite museum restaurant? Who would bring there, living or dead?
Tim: The Cloister’s outdoor café in spring, when everything is blooming. I think tea with Michelangelo would be a treat.

Dindy: What’s your favorite traditional or non-traditional spot for art?
Tim: London

Dindy: What would you do if you won the lottery?
Tim: I’d be a man of leisure, an aesthete with good humor, great taste, and a killer wardrobe.

Dindy: If you could, what artwork would you jump into or become?
Tim: One of the revelers in Renoir’s painting Luncheon of the Boating Party.

Dindy: What’s the most romantic or sexy thing that’s happened to you in an art location?
Tim: Does falling in love with Mark Rothko’s paintings at the Tate count?

Dindy: Which famous/infamous (or even under the radar) art world figure do you want to meet and where would you take them?
Tim: Damien Hirst; I would take him to the aquarium to view the sharks.

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Timothy Rodgers was appointed Director of The Wolfsonian-FIU in May of 2015. Previously, he was the Director at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Rodgers also has a background in higher education that includes an appointment as visiting professor of contemporary art and theory at College of Santa Fe from 2005–08. He also served in various academic and leadership capacities at the College of Santa Fe, Lawrence University and the Wriston Art Center Galleries. Rodgers earned a bachelor’s in art from Arizona State University. He also holds a master’s and Ph.D. in History of Art from Brown University.

The Wolfsonian–FIU is a museum, library, and research center devoted to art and design, with a collection of about 180,000 objects, and covers the 100 years from the 1850s to the 1950s. The collection includes a variety of media, from furniture and art to rare books and propaganda posters. The Wolfsonian-FIU is located at 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Admission is $10 for adults; $5 for seniors, students, and children age 6–12; and free for Wolfsonian members, State University System of Florida staff and students with ID, and children under six. The museum is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am–6pm; Friday from 10am–9pm; Sunday from noon–6pm; and is closed on Wednesday.

This article first appeared on Fine Art Notebook on June 30, 2016 and is reposted here with permission.  Dindy A. Yokel

Photo credit:  World Red Eye

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