Fairchild Tropical Gardens Miami

Botero, Chihuly and Lichtenstein at Fairchild Tropical Gardens - off to see it today.?alt=rss … [Read more...]

Alabama Morning at Mary Lee’s

Beyond peaceful, aroma of leaves burning mixed with the familiar coffee fragrance. No phones ringing, no televisions blaring, no dogs barking.?alt=rss … [Read more...]

Thinking about lunch

All the running makes me hungry...going to Abokado (newly opened in Mary Brickell Village) for lunch - Viva Roll (pictured here) is my favorite.?alt=rss … [Read more...]

Heading toward South Beach

Running back toward South Beach this morning.?alt=rss … [Read more...]

Monday Morning on the Venetian Causeway

This is why I live in Miami - early morning run on the Venetian Causeway.?alt=rss … [Read more...]