A New Name For An Established Bank: Introducing Brickell Bank

MIAMI, FL – (July 27, 2015) – G. Frederick Reinhardt, Chairman and CEO, introduces Brickell BankSM, formerly Espírito Santo Bank. “We are excited to be rebranding following the Stock Purchase Agreement recently signed between the bank’s principal shareholder, and members of the Benacerraf family, Cohen family, and other investors,” says Reinhardt. Brickell BankSM, Florida-chartered since 1973, … [Read more...]

Review: The Anger Meridian

The Anger Meridian by Kaylie Jones My rating: 5 of 5 stars Sagas and series are a dime a dozen and are hardly worth reading. Kaylie Jones' The Anger Meridian screams for a sequel. The characters are so well developed that it is sad to say goodbye on the final page - they are young, they have much to do yet and I want to know what happens to them next. Jones creates a superb … [Read more...]

God of Speed as Reviewed by Dindy Yokel on Foreword Reviews

God of Speed Luke Davies LITERARY / HISTORICAL Rare Bird Books  $14.95  Softcover 978-1-940207-27-8 The fascinating, cringe-worthy, exhilarating life of Howard Hughes flies off the page. Howard Hughes is one of the twentieth century’s strangest enigmas, and Luke Davies’s God of Speed, a fictionalized account of Hughes’s life, adds to the curiosity about what is fact and what is … [Read more...]

Gail Collins tells it true about rape and political stupidity

Bravo Gail Collins @nytimescollins NYTimes: The Sexual Spirit of ’76 #amreading #delightedwomb #idiotpoliticians #legitimaterape http://t.co/ubAUVDzX … [Read more...]