December 10 – Reverb10 Prompt – Wisdom

Gave my old laptop in excellent condition to the grandkids of the woman who cleaned my apartment in Atlanta.  Made her life better as she didn't have to sit around in the library after a day of hard work while the kids waited in line to use the computer.  In fact, I centered most of my giving on these four little girls.  Information about Women's History Month and a book from the … [Read more...]

December 9 – Reverb10 Prompt – Party

My 30th High School reunion - had avoided previous reunions but the stars aligned on this one - best friend Hillary came in from Cap d'Antibes and we met up with dear Jimmy before heading off to the event.  Bonus time spent with Alessandra and Juliana her adorable daughters - we went to Big Apple Circus with Paulette (grand mere).  So we came into the house on the grounds of the Merchant … [Read more...]

Beautifully Different – Day 8

What makes me "beautifully different," is that I care and people sense that along with my generosity of spirit, information, time and money.  I give whatever I have because I believe that tomorrow will bring me more of whatever I need.  I've been told that my smile is infrequent but worth waiting for.  Had a client once who said that I "give good leg" his vernacular way of … [Read more...]


HIllary, Me and Jim at my 30th High School Reunion - now that's something to write about.Writing is what I do.  Always on the lookout for a way to jump start my day and have employed Julia Cameron's Artist Pages for at least a decade.  For those who don't enjoy a journal and pen here's a super new place to get your 3 pages written  I like the mind dump so much that … [Read more...]

Reverb10 – Day 7

Community - among my favorite words.  Found community upon my move to East Hampton by reaching out to publisher Marty Shepard at a neighbor in Sag Harbor.  Received a warm welcome with open arms and a first invitation to visit him at the "office."  His German Shepherd, Monty, is my new bff.  Left with an armful of books including his current memoir, ON … [Read more...]