Nuestra Familia A Memoir by John “Boxer” Mendoza

Reading a memoir of a prison gang member is unusual fare for those completely unfamiliar with the correctional system of the United States. Violence? Check. Drugs? Check. Odd Nicknames? Check. Girlfriends? Check. Illegitimate children? Check. Nuestra Familia - A Broken Paradigm, by John “Boxer” Mendoza, has all that and is a comprehensive look at the psychology of gang life. Mendoza became a … [Read more...]

Perplexed by Angie Eissa

Clarion Review posted at Adultery, abortion, suicide, money, religion, AIDS, and drugs—all are major issues in Western society, and they are also the central themes in Egyptian debut author Angie Eissa’s Perplexed: Where the Beginning and the End Meet. The novel follows the separate lives of four Egyptian women: Mai, Leila, Dina, and Malak. Through these women’s … [Read more...]